Looking for a ready-made home that can be moved anywhere in BC? Look no further than our selection of container homes for sale. These homes are made with high-quality materials and are ready to be moved into right away. They are perfect for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to have their own home. Plus, our team can help you move the home wherever you want it to go!

Problems with Shipping Container Homes

Traditional container homes built from Sea Cans have a few disadvantages. They require a great deal of retrofitting to make them livable spaces, after all, that is not what they were originally designed to be used for.

Since these containers are made of metal you have to add insulation to them or you will be faced with very extreme temperature fluctuations or high heating and cooling bills. Adding insulation to a container home can be difficult and expensive, running into the thousands of dollars for that step alone.

Adding Flooring to a Shipping Container Home

A similar problem exists for flooring. A lot of people don’t know that the wood used in the flooring of shipping container homes is often treated with chemicals to deter rats and other pests while at sea or in port, that can be harmful to your health. You will have to either replace the flooring or pay to have it specially treated.

Flooring, paint, wiring and plumbing into a unit that was never designed for any of that. Costs can often run into the thousands.

Pre-Fab “Container” Homes

Repurposing Sea Cans was a great idea. There are literally millions of these units sitting unused in shipping yards around the world and putting them to use was a great idea.

But since they were first envisioned people are beginning to learn some of the downsides to ownership, while also realizing the value of small, portable living spaces.

Thus the pre-fab, ready-built container home came onto the market.

The name “Container Home” became so common that we still call them that even though they were never used as shipping containers before. Kind of like every photocopy getting called a Xerox.

But these are different, they were built from the ground up to be livable spaces. You don’t need to retrofit them to make them work, they were designed specifically for that purpose.

Benefits of a Pre-Fab Container Home

The benefits of ready-made, or pre-fab, container homes are many.

First, they are less expensive than traditional stick-built homes or retrofitted containers.

Second, they come to you move-in ready. You just need a pad or blocks to put them on and then connect electrical and plumbing (if needed) and you’re good to go. You could have it delivered in the morning and be sleeping in it that night.

Third, they are more eco-friendly than other types of homes because they use less resources

Can You Move a Container Home?

One huge advantage our ready-built homes have over other forms of housing is that they are highly movable.

They can be delivered by crane-truck or helicopter and easily moved the same way if you want them in a different location later.

Our assembly units have another advantage: they can be delivered disassembled for your assembly on site. This is a huge advantage in situations where you cannot access the space with a crane truck, like a property without an alley or with a high fence.

The components can be carried by two people, allowing you to bring them into backyards or properties with virtually zero access. On-site assembly is simple and we’re available to help if needed.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about our ready-made container homes, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

We hope this has been helpful in understanding some of the problems with traditional shipping container homes as well as the advantages our ready-made homes have over them. If you have any

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