If you are looking for a container homes for sale BC there are many options available for you.

First you will need to evaluate your needs and decide what type of container home is right for you. There are two main options available.

Empty Shipping Container or Pre-Built Home?

Are you the type of person who wants to get something made to your own exact needs? Do you enjoy the fun of creating and building? In that case the right answer is to start with an empty shipping container and build a custom design from the ground up.

Empty shipping containers that you can repurpose in BC are available at websites like this one 

Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Do you have immediate need of housing or are you are not interested in any sort of DIY work? Then there are other options for pre-made or modular container homes like the ones we have here.

Pre-build modular container homes for sale 

Advantages of a Pre-Built Container Homes for sale BC

Getting a pre-made container home makes the task of adding a tiny home much faster and easier.

A pre-built home means you save on any headaches associated with design or construction. And you can usually have a unit delivered to you within a couple of weeks or even a few days.

Today many companies offer container homes that are not built with shipping containers at all. The small house movement has given rise to the creation of purpose-built, modular boxes designed for use as living homes.

The purpose-built spaces for homes come pre-insulated with pre-cut holes for doors and windows and have a floor installed. With shipping container homes these things all have to be created and installed adding to headaches and costs.

Advantages of Using a Used Sea Can for a Home

If you prefer the DIY method then you can use source a container for your new home. These containers are widely available and have become quite popular for homes recently.

They have the advantage of being relatively cheap when purchased used. And the container is made of durable metal designed to be used at sea. This means it is made to last in all kinds of environments.

You can make a home out of a single container. Or you can use multiple containers and join them together to create a larger space for your home.

If you are the creative type, a container will let you modify the unit to make a home that matches your vision exactly.

Different Types of Pre-Made Container Homes

Maybe you don’t want the headaches of designing and building your own container home. Then you can look at different choices for a pre-made model of home.

These types of homes start as a basic “box with a door.” This type is ideal for an office or workspace.

Then they can go up to a full self-contained living house. These types of homes will feature a bathroom area and maybe even a kitchen. They can function as an in-law suite or an Air B’n’b.

Creative Containers Lodging has Homes for Any Purpose

Creative Containers Lodging has ten different models of container homes that will suit any need.

Our units come in three sizes and are fully modular and customizable allowing you to create a container home of any size.

We are located in Surrey, BC and we are committed to give you the best possible home for your money.

Contact us today and we can help you assess your needs and chose the container home that will be best for you!

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