About Us

Hi, I’m Perry.

Welcome to Creative Containers Lodging.  My business partner, Neville (he’s camera shy) and I started this company because we found there was a huge demand for quick, affordable forms of housing and storage in British Columbia.

We were first introduced to these ready-built container home concepts at our seasonal business in Langley, BC.  We needed lodging for the workers who were in town temporarily and we found these were a great fit.  They were economical and customizable and the workers loved using them.

We had so many people ask us where they could get one of their own that we decided it was time to get into the container home business!

Container Home BC

From the Initial Simple Concept…

…of a simple “box with a door,” we have now expanded our product line to include pre-built, move-in-ready cabins with bathrooms and kitchenettes.  And if that isn’t enough, our models are now modular, meaning you can join them or even stack them to make structures of any size or configuration.  The possibilities for customization are practically endless!

Container Home BC
Simple Container Home


Ready Built Container Home for Sale in BC


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