If you’re looking for a new way to get into the Air B’n’b market, consider using a pre-built container home. Container homes are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason – they’re affordable, easy to build, and can be customized to fit your needs. In this post, we’ll show you how to get started with Air B’n’b using a pre-built container home. Let’s get started!

First Steps for Finding a Container Home

First, you’ll need to find a pre-built container home that meets your needs. We have many different models available and the options for customization are endless, so take your time and find the one that’s right for you. Once you’ve found a home that meets your needs, you’ll need to purchase it and have it delivered to your location.

Our container homes come pre-built with plumbing and electrical installed.  You just need to prepare a pad for the home to be place on and then connect electrical and plumbing services.

Once your container home is placed and connected, you’ll need to start decorating and furnishing it to make it inviting to guests. This can be a fun project and there are many different ways to approach it. We recommend starting with the basics – a comfortable bed, some chairs, a desk, and maybe a small kitchenette. You can add on from there depending on your needs and budget.

Making your Home Stand Out on Air B’n’B

When potential guests are viewing homes on Air B’n’B the photos are what make you stand out.  They read the description afterwards so those photos have to really pop!  Location and views are important but you only have so much control over that.   What you can do is to give your home a unique flair and eye-catching look to help you stand out.

-Adding personal touches, such as photos and artwork, will help guests feel welcome and comfortable

-Using bright colors or interesting textures can also make your home stand out from the crowd

-Think about what makes you unique and showcase that in your home’s decor

Finally, you’ll need to set up your Air B’n’b listing and start welcoming guests. We recommend starting with a lower price point until you get some reviews under your belt. Once you have a few good reviews, you can start raising your prices. Air B’n’b can be a great way to make some extra money, and using a pre-built container home makes it easier than ever. We hope you’ll give it a try!

If you’re looking for more information on how to get your own container home and start making extra cash with Air B’n’b then get in touch. We have lots of resources available to help you get started. Thanks for reading!

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