The Studio/Office – Large

Large Container Home Studio Office

This unit is fitted with a large French door to let in more light and create a bright and open space.  This is ideal for an office or a studio space, which is why we called it that!   Like all of our different models it is fully weather-proof and insulated (R10).

  • Double glazed French doors
  • 2′ x 3′ double glazed window
  • 2 LED Light fixtures
  • 4 standard wall sockets


Fully assembled – move in ready

Spray foam floor insulation – $1,400

This small unit is perfect to give me enough space for my workshop.

Dan N.

Product Details

Container Home Details
  • Steel Frame
  • Fiber Cement Floor Panels
  • A Grade Fire Proof Glass Wool
  • Drain Pipe
  • Molded Base Board
  • Integrated Windows


Here’s How it Works